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If you have any questions about the Chinese Wikivoyage, please leave a message here. Thank you for visiting!

我是欢迎您的维基导游人:‥‥ 2014年1月15日 (三) 18:15 (CST)[回复]

Badge function in Wikidata[编辑]

Dear Wikivoyagers, contributors, readers, travellers...
Wikidata has introduced badges to denote good and featured articles in Wikipedia. These article statuses are displayed with stars in the interlanguage links. Maybe you think, this feature is useful on Wikivoyage and should be implemented on Wikivoyage as well. There is a discussion on meta to develop a common strategy and request the needed functionality from Wikidata. Please joine the discussion, if you are interested in the new feature. (Sent by DerFussi via MassMessage) 2014年8月22日 (五) 14:37 (CST)[回复]

RE:User talk:T13bot[编辑]

有看到通知,感謝提醒,下次會多注意!--✈YURIY ✉想聊啥?! Ⓟ海納百川 2014年11月22日 (六) 23:18 (CST)[回复]


你好,因想將網址加入白名單中(現時是黑名單),但申請解除沒人回應不知道怎麼辦。 可否協助,謝謝!HelloOscar讨论) 2016年6月15日 (三) 11:20 (CST)[回复]


Barncompass.png 維基導遊星章
感謝您 Rock com cn讨论) 2015年4月7日 (二) 14:57 (CST)[回复]

Wikivoyage at the Wikimania 2017[编辑]

Dear Wikivoyage community members. The Wikimania 2017 conference will take place in August 2017. I am going to take part and I hope to meet some other community members. To prepare for the conference properly I would like to know more about all your wishes, problems and ideas related to Wikivoyage. I have created a small site on the meta-wiki where you can drop all your thoughts, wishes and concerns. Feel free to create sub sites if needed. It would be great to have a meeting at the conference venue or anywhere in town. -- DerFussi (talk) -- MediaWiki message delivery讨论) 2017年4月24日 (一) 04:04 (CST)[回复]