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The purpose of this edit is to prevent pages from being counted as articles (or "content pages") merely because they have been tagged for deletion. By linking to Wikivoyage:刪除方針 and Wikivoyage:刪除表決 through interwiki links (m:voy:zh:Wikivoyage:刪除方針 and m:voy:zh:Wikivoyage:刪除表決), the MediaWiki software will not count the links provided by this template when determining whether a page contains a wikilink (part of the 'link' definition of an "article", which this wiki is using). If this is not done, then the wiki can experience large increases and decreases in article count if many articles are tagged for deletion and then deleted. This may not be a major problem with this wiki at the moment, but when the wiki is close to a major milestone, such as 5,000 articles or 10,000 articles, having pages tagged for deletion being counted as articles can be problematic. Since the links in the template work fine either way (wikilinks or interwiki links), there is really no reason to not use the interwiki form of the links. - dcljr讨论) 2018年9月15日 (六) 09:00 (CST)