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Our farthest frontier

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其他連結 ※ Other Links


關於我 ※ About Me



Hello, I am Gabriel Lee. You may call me Gabriel, Gabriel Lee or Chi Hong Lee (Although I prefer you to call me Gabriel more. I was born in People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. I am currently studying at United Christian College (Kowloon East) class 2A. I am the class committee chairman there.


I started to join Wikivoyage when it is still in Wikimedia Incubator, until now. The thing that I remember the most is how do we (me, zhuyifei1999, hkjacksonhk, tianyinlee....) work together to start this wiki, we keep on exchange our thoughts, we keep on write articles, although we used lots of time, but I think that it is useful.


22/1/2014, I became sysop with 8 support, 0 neutral and 0 oppose, I must have to thank all for your support. I will actively carry out various maintenance works, such as protecting/unprotecting pages, but of course, I will continue to write articles.


Gabrielchihonglee-Bot is the BOT ran by myself, I am still finding jobs for my bot to run, at the same time, I have to thank you zhuyifei1999's help and teachings, to let me learn python.

沙盒 ※ Sand Box

暫存頁面 Temp page 已建立的頁面 Page created 完成/進行中 Done/Doing
User:Gabrielchihonglee/temp/1 Wikivoyage:恢复表决 ✓ 完成
User:Gabrielchihonglee/temp/2 愛爾福特 处理中
User:Gabrielchihonglee/temp/3 昔日每月目的地 ✓ 完成,被Symbol oppose vote.svg 反对

當前工作 ※ Currently Working On

頁面 中文描述 English Description
Gabrielchihonglee 改進設計及添加更多信息 Improve design and add more information
隨機頁面 (特殊頁面) 修理條目 Fix up articles
提名删除 (分類) 移除條目及參與相關討論 Delete articles and join discussions
機場條目 新增機場條目 Create airport articles

已完成工作 ※ Jobs done

圖片 ※ Images

圖標 (把滑鼠滑過相片以觀看說明) ※ Icons (Slide through the images to see the caption)

小冊子 ※ Brochure

圖標 (把滑鼠滑過相片以觀看說明) ※ Icons (Slide through the images to see the caption)

立體圖像 ※ 3D Images

圖標 (把滑鼠滑過相片以觀看說明) ※ Icons (Slide through the images to see the caption)

條目 ※ Articles

由2014年2月1號開始計算 (只包含新增多於10000位元組的貢獻)
Calculating from 1/2/2014 (Only calculate contributions with more than 10000 units)

條目 Articles 新增之位元組 Units added 條目評級 Article status
香港濕地公園 17000 大綱公園可用公園
香港海洋公園 18000 無 至 可用公園
新加坡樟宜機場 31000 無 至 可用機場
索契 2014 15000 無 至 可用条目 (Partner: TianyinLee)
乌兹别克斯坦 10100 維持大纲国家
冰岛 11300 維持大纲国家
俄羅斯 13000 維持可用国家
汕头 12000 維持大纲城市

維基導遊 ※ Wikivoyage

由2014年2月8號開始計算 ※ Calculating from 8/2/2014

維基導遊 Wikivoyage
Wikivoyage:恢复表决 (Wikivoyage:Votes for undeletion)
Wikivoyage:用戶封禁提名 (Wikivoyage:User ban nominations)
Wikivoyage:美国路线图标 (Wikivoyage:United States route icons)