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For now, this template just produces the emboldened three-character airport code verbatim together with an inline link to the Wikipedia article on "International Air Transport Association airport code"s that is only signalled by the blue colour and not with the little "upwards and to the right" arrow widget that usually signals an external hyperlink. The template is in the format {{IATA|airportcode}}, enclosed in double-braces, bar-separated. For example, {{IATA|LAX}} for LAX, Los Angeles International Aiport. US/Canada IATA codes are usually similar to ICAO codes (which have a preceding K indicating US mainland, C indicating Canada); IATA vs ICAO codes for other countries are not similar. IATA codes are scheduled to be replaced by ICAO codes at some distant and not yet fixed point in the future but most will be more familiar with IATA codes.