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愛爾福特 is the capital of the German state of Thuringia (Thüringen). 它在中世紀的時候是一個非常重要的貿易城市,並且有著許多美麗的古代建築及公園。

Get in[编辑]

By car[编辑]

Erfurt lies on two federal motorways:

  • Bundesstraße 4 from Ilmenau in south to Nordhausen in north and
  • Bundesstraße 7 from Gotha in west to Weimar in east.

Depending on where you want to go in Erfurt you have several options to take an exit (Abfahrt) that brings you closest to your destination within the city by avoiding to drive through the city center.

By train[编辑]

The Erfurt Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is quite large. Numerous ICE and IC trains pass through daily, with direct lines to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dresden and Frankfurt.

By plane[编辑]

Several airlines fly from Erfurt to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Once arrived, the tram number 4 offers a convenient connection to the city center and the main station in about 25 minutes.

Get around[编辑]

The city centre is quite compact so walking is often the best way to explore the city. Regular tram services run all around the city, with service intervals of at least every 10 minutes during most of the day. The trams are less frequent in the evenings. Night buses are available throughout the night to bring you home after midnight. They run once or twice every hour and meet at the very heart of the city centre (Anger) or depart from the main station.


Roland-statue bevor the Haus Zum Roten Ochesen (House to the Red Ox)
House in the street Anger Nr. 23: Papenbreerhaus
  • Dom (Cathedral) and Severi Kirche (Church) both overlooking the Domplatz (main market square, location of the Christmas market in December as well as fairs throughout the year).
  • Krämerbrücke (Bridge with medieval houses, the most important landmark in Erfurt)
  • Fischmarkt with its Burgerhouses and town hall.
  • Augustinerkloster (monastery where Martin Luther lived), the main gate of the old university (third oldest German university, shut down in the 19th century and reopened in 1992)
  • Anger (main square, full of stores) with the old Post Office building.
  • Petersberg Citadel (a historical defense system and a great lookout over the city)
  • Old Synagogue Oldest surviving European Synagogue, today a museum that has an impressive collection of 14th century Jewish jewelry.

Much of Erfurt's charm is found in its narrow streets, many of which are pedestrianized, with their beautiful old houses, green areas and little bridges across the Gera river and the Stadtpark and the Nordpark on different sides of the city center.

In the tourist office you can buy a small guidebook in one of several languages that leads you through the city along the main sights.


  • Garden lovers can find many things to do and see in Egapark, which is a huge and beautiful botanical garden and accessible by the Straßenbahn. Check out for any exhibitions or programmes.
  • Relax at the Wenigemarkt or behind the Krämerbrücke beside the river and have a beautiful look at the old houses standing on the 'bridge'.
  • Take a walk around the Stadtpark just near the main station and see the green side of the city.
  • Join a historical city tour organised by the Tourist Information located at the Fischmarkt to have better and entertaining insight into the long lasting history of the town.


Shops on the Krämerbrücke offer unique crafts and souvenirs. Around the city centre, along the street Anger, Bahnhofstraße and all the way to the Fischmarkt and Domplatz along Schlösserstraße and Marktstraße you can find almost every apparel shop a European heart desires, from H&M over Mango to Zara, Esprit, C&A and many, many more!

There are also a few shopping malls and other shopping opportunities spread over the whole city:

Anger 1, Kaufhaus Römischer Kaiser
  • Anger 1地址 Anger 1directly in the city center Anger)。🕘 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm簡介 Shopping mall directly in the city centre. Offers the opportunity to shop for apparel, electronics, groceries and more on four floors.
  • Thüringenpark地址 Nordhäuser Straße 73 ttram 1 and 3 direction Europaplatz)。🕘 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm簡介 Shopping centre approx. 20 min outside the city centre. Shop for apparel, groceries, electronics and more. Post office, drug store and "Sparkasse" (a German bank)also inside. Special events happen around holidays or around special themes (e.g. fashion, sport etc.)
  • TEC (Thüringer Einkaufszentrum)地址 Hermsdorfer Str. 4Bus 51, 59 or 155 from main station, direction Niedernissa)。簡介 Shopping mall 10 minutes outside the city centre. Shop here for groceries or electronics. Only a few apparel shops are here. The several shops open at different times, have a look at the website for details!
  • IKEA地址 Eisenacher Str. 50Tram 2 from Anger, direction Messe P+R, change to Bus 80 at last stop, direction Kleinrettbach)。簡介 Located near the airport you can go there to shop furniture or have a cheap breakfast, lunch or dinner at their cafeteria.

Be aware: most shops (besides most grocery stores) are only open until 8pm. Sundays all shops and stores are closed! (Exemption: a few Sundays each year are open for sale)

Eat and drink[编辑]

Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt

The Thuringer Bratwurst (famous sausage) comes from Erfurt, and the city has numerous stalls selling this world-famous delicacy. Don't miss out to try one!!!

  • Tolle Knolle, Lange Brücke 53 (near Domplatz)). Great for hearty potato casseroles, one of Germany's traditional dishes.
  • San Remo地址 Marktstrasse 21簡介 Supposedly an excellent ice cream shop.
  • FAMFeines am Markt),地址 Am Fischmarkt 19left side of the town hall, Fischmarkt)。簡介 Nice location with the option to sit outside and watch passing by people, good breakfast and food in general. Closed on Mondays!
  • Übersee地址 Kürschnergasse 8near Wenigemarkt)。簡介 Nice cafe and bar with the opportunity to sit outside and have a nice look at the Gera river. Every day they offer a different special - check out the website!
  • Hemmingway, Michaelisstraße 45 [1]
  • SolyMar, Walkmühlstraße 13 [2]. Very nice bar and lounge for cocktails, snacks and other beverages. Caribbean and relaxing flair through very nice furniture.


在愛爾福特的市中心裡有很多的小酒吧。 When looking for a nice bar to have a drink or two don't miss to have a look at the Michaelisstraße near Fischmarkt where you can find numerous bars that offer a variety of drinks and snacks. Of course most of the cafes and restaurants mentioned in the "eat and drink" section also offer alcoholic beverages and are open until late.

If you intend to go clubbing or dancing, Erfurt can also offer some clubs, most of them are open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Musikpark地址 Willi-Brandt-Platz 1中央火車站對面)。簡介 Black, House and Rock music. 逢星期四: Ladies World with free entrance until midnight and all you can drink for €6. 逢星期五: Night of the Stars with special drinks. 星期六: varying themes.
  • Club 1地址 Steigerstraße 18tram 5 direction Steigerstraße)。簡介 Black and House music. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday varying events and DJs.
  • EngelsburgE-Burg),地址 Allerheiligenstraße 20/21between Fischmarkt and Domplatz)。簡介 Varying program and events, regular: Fightclub (different music styles). More alternative and rock music.
  • Club Centrum地址 Anger 7city centre)。簡介 Minimal music, drum&bass, electronic, house, black. Varying events on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Presseklub, Dalbergsweg 1 (near the city centre) Cocktail lounges, salsa parties and 70s/80s/pop events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.



  • re4 Hostel地址 Puschkinstr. 21中央火車站附近)。💰 13-20 歐元
  • Opera Hostel地址 Walkmühlstraße 13中央火車站及老歌劇院附近)。💰 €13-45


  • 坐火車,從魏瑪出發就只需要一個小時便能到達。
  • 坐火車,從耶拿出發就只需要三十分鐘便能到達。
  • 坐火車,從萊比錫出發就只需要一個小時便能到達。
  • Wander around on near-by Thuringen Forest, on which Thuringia called the "green heart of Germany".
  • Halle about 45 minutes away and has some great things to see. The largest city in Saxony-Anhalt is the birthplace of Handel and has a few castles.